# Feed Wild Pets : Simple and nice game for kids. Choose your wild pet and feed it with carrots and bread as it grows.

-Play Feed Wild Pets fullscreen mode

-Play Feed Wild Pets here

# Dragon Ambush 2: Tower defense game in which you need to upgrade your dragon armies. Get gold by killing creeps and survive.

-Play Dragon Ambush 2 on Kongregate (please vote it)

-Play Dragon Ambush 2 here

# Ornithophobia : Challenging RPG suvival. Choose your skills to defeat hordes of killer birds in planet Birdo45. Stay on the screen or you will suffer gravity damage or lack of oxigen.

-Play Ornithophobia on Kongregate (please vote it)

-Play Ornithophobia here

# Young Lich : Set up your lich and kill holy warriors until you are prepared to face the king. Timing is essential in this weird combat game.

-Play Young Lich on Kongregate (please vote it)

-Play Young Lich fullscreen mode

-Play Young Lich here

# Flying Hen: A hen trying to fly with the help of pigs, bulls, horses, cows and more. Pick wheat and use it to upgrade your companions and try to reach 3 kilometers.

-Play Flying Hen on Kongregate (please vote it)

-Play Flying Hen fullscreen mode

-Play Flying Hen here

# Dragon Ambush : Strategy tower defense style game. Place wisely and upgrade your dragons to survive 35 different waves of enemies. Click on de waves-bar to increase difficulty and earn points.

-Play Dragon Ambush on Kongregate (please vote it)

-Play Dragon Ambush fullscreen mode

-Play Dragon Ambush here

# Defeat Wozniak : Wozniak the wizard must be defeated. Gamble coins, upgrade weapons and level up to destroy him.

-Play Defeat Wozniak on Newgrounds

-Play Defeat Wozniak fullscreen mode 

-Play Defeat Wozniak here

# Stuffcraft : Match epic symbols to gain experience in this medieval puzzle game.

-Play Stuffcraft on Kongregate (with scoreboard)

-Play Stuffcraft fullscreen mode

-Play Stuffcraft here

# Castle Gamble :Bet and gamble gold to upgrade your castle and level up. Submit your score.

-Play Castle Gamble on Kongregate (please vote it)

-Play Castle Gamble fullscreen mode

-Play Castle Gamble here

# Satellite Destruction : This is the first minigame i developed. Take control of your spaceship to destroy as many satellites as you can. Shooter-horizontal flight game. Try to defeat the three big bosses.

-Play Satellite Destruction on Newgrounds

-Play Satellite Destruction fullscreen mode  

-Play Satellite Destruction here

# SOPAman : The invincible Sopaman is ready to destroy his enemies. Collect industry donations and finish the enemy leaders. This is not a real game but a parody of SOPA law.

-Play SOPAman on Newgrounds

-Play SOPAman here