Here you got some of the best "game developer tips" on the internet, some of them are hilarious and really useful. This section is recomended for developers who love actionscript coding, so learn and have fun.

- Game development tips from the trenches of popcap. This is for advanced development, everything about coding and players reactions.

-Tips by Photon storm on Mochi. Suitable for all levels, very instructive. You should join Mochi media if you develop games.

-Great tips at For flixel game engine users there are 15 interesting tips on this web.

-Short pro tips on Thinking about your future as an actionscript coder in this short but useful post.

-4 tips for successful game design.It is a lot of fun to design and develop Interactive Flash games for clients and these interactive games can accomplish a number of important things...

-Ten tips for mobile oriented games by adobe Some tips by adobe people about making mobile flash games and aps.